Where to find COSHH Sheets

What are COSHH Sheets?

COSHH stands for “Control of Substances Hazardous to Health”. COSHH Sheets, or “Chemical Safety Data Sheets”, outline the risks associated with the use of a particular chemical or a product containing chemicals.

COSHH sheets help users of chemical products make the necessary risk assessments before using them. They are not in themselves risk assessments – you should always conduct your own thorough assessment with reference to the information provided on the sheet(s).

Suppliers of chemicals are legally obliged to provide an up-to-date and accurate safety data sheet if a substance is dangerous or there are any potential hazards associated with its use.

Where can I obtain COSHH Sheets?

We have compiled a list of our chemical brands and suppliers below so that you can obtain the correct COSSH sheet for your chosen product(s).

SELDEN COSHH Chemical Safety Sheets Download

CRAFTEX COSHH Chemical Safety Sheets Download

PROCHEM COSHH Chemical Safety Sheets Download

CHEMSPEC COSSH Chemical Safety Sheets Download

Where can I get more information on COSHH Sheets and Risk Assessments?

The Health & Safety Executive has published some advice on the best way of using COSHH Data Sheets and other guidance on minimising the risks arising from the handling, use and storage of hazardous substances.

COSHH essentials is a tool that provides specific advice on good practice and simple control measures that you should put into place. The HSE can also advise on issues such as health surveillance, planning for emergencies, and your obligations if you hire casual or self-employed staff.

The HSE has a comprehensive guide on COSHH basics, which is an ideal starting point for planning or updating your own control practices, including risk assessments, protective equipment, training and monitoring tips and advice.

You’ll also find some useful printable guides and example risk assessments to help you when devising your own safety protocols.